How does assetTRAC, the best asset tracking software, work?

assign users
simply enter your inspectors names and email


enter assets
select your assets from a pre-populated list or write your own


choose maintenance options
select or write the required maintenance tasks


assetTRAC will automate maintenance reminders and reports!

assetTRAC is smart and easy asset management software for non-profit organisations and Councils. Other asset management apps create simple registers of assets but have no link to ongoing maintenance, or are complicated and expensive, designed for large businesses with complex asset inventories.

As an asset management system for non-profit organisations, Councils and sports clubs, assetTRAC creates a detailed asset register, programs maintenance for each asset, assigns maintenance activities to multiple inspectors, reminds committees and volunteers when maintenance is due, keeps records of all maintenance completed for each asset, and keeps track of assets even after they are disposed of or reach the end of their useful life.

As most community and sporting groups in Australia lease their facilities from Councils, assetTRAC offers an Enterprise level subscription, designed specifically for Councils. Enterprise users can view the asset registers of clubs under their subscription and see all upcoming, completed and overdue maintenance activities and reports. The Enterprise user dashboard provides instant insights into the total number and value of assets of all clubs under the subscription, as well as their combined expenditure on asset maintenance. assetTRAC empowers sports clubs with easy and seamless sports assets management in Australia.