assetTRAC has been developed to be affordable to organisations of all types and sizes. It’s free to register for a trial and you don’t need to pay for or download any software to use assetTRAC. You can register for affordable recurring monthly payments via credit card, or register on a yearly plan and save! See our pricing page for more info.
Registering for assetTRAC is easy! Simply go to the register tab and sign up as a company. If you are from a Council and would like to subscribe to assetTRAC on behalf of your local clubs, associations and community groups, go to the Enterprise tab to register.
Your assetTRAC account will be linked to the email address you use to register, so it’s best if you use a club email address, rather than a personal email address. Keep in mind that when a club email address is used to register your club as a ‘company’ in assetTRAC, that email address cannot also be used as an ‘inspector’ in the system.
Of course! It’s your data. Once you have registered for a paid plan, you can export a CSV file containing all of your assets. Additionally, you can download PDF copies of all of your maintenance reports.
Absolutely! Although assetTRAC was developed with clubs, associations and Councils in mind, it works just as well in business! assetTRAC can streamline your asset tracking at work so that you’ll never lose another laptop or mobile phone again. And assetTRAC is great for making sure that your fleet vehicles are being serviced at the required frequency, and having all of your registrations and insurances paid on time.
As an Enterprise user of assetTRAC, your subscription can include as many clubs as you need. Simply let us know how many users you will need and your subscription and pricing will be set up accordingly. If you need more at any stage, your subscription can easily be extended.
You can add as many assets as you need without any hassles or extra charges! You can choose from a pre-populated list of assets or add your own.
assetTRAC automates the asset management process, providing organisations of all types and sizes with benefits like real-time asset management, efficient scheduling of preventative maintenance tasks, monitoring of lease obligations, distribution of workload among staff or volunteers, and report generation.
Spreadsheets for asset management have show-stopping limitations like limited access and features, susceptibility to human error, and lack of up-to-date data. assetTRAC eliminates limitations of spreadsheets and provides better asset management solutions such as real-time tracking of assets, scheduled maintenance reminders, remote data accessibility and precise reports.
assetTRAC offers pre-populated, customised suggestions for the categories of maintenance that should be programmed for different asset categories, and even lists maintenance tasks that should be considered.
Maintenance obligations are often overlooked when Councils do not have a way to monitor if lessees are performing the maintenance tasks specified in their leases. assetTRAC enables real-time tracking of assets and efficient monitoring of lease obligations, helping Councils ensure that lease and legislative requirements are fulfilled.
Ghost assets are those that are recorded in an organisation’s asset register but which are physically unavailable because they are either missing or otherwise unusable. Any ghost asset that goes unnoticed by an organisation is considered a working asset and is included in insurance coverage, thus leading to inflated insurance premiums and unexpected downtime when an employee or volunteer needs to use particular equipment but that equipment is missing or otherwise unusable.