What is assetTRAC?

assetTrac is an intuitive full lifecycle asset register and asset management platform, which makes adding assets simple and automates the process of allocating and managing asset maintenance jobs.




As a functional, easy to use and essential management tool, assetTRAC empowers clubs, community groups, Councils, peak bodies and education institutions to track their assets and keep tabs on maintenance tasks, ultimately saving time and money.


Are you involved in a sports club,
community group or volunteer association?

Do you..

have an asset register that is rarely kept up-to-date?

lack a system to keep track of your assets and when their maintenance is due to be completed?

lose track of assets when they are lost, stolen or worn out?

lack an automated system that reminds your staff or volunteers to perform even the simplest of maintenance activities?

often fail to comply with lease obligations, meaning that Council could offer your facilities to another group, putting your entire operations at risk?

If Yes,

assetTRAC can help you to:

save money by not needing to replace assets prematurely.

easily share the asset maintenance workload, so that it doesn’t fall to a small number of overworked volunteers.

keep control of assets so that they don’t get lost or stolen.

improve relationships with Council by easily meeting lease obligations.

automate reminders when upcoming maintenance activities are due.

get a clear picture of how much money your organisation should include in its budget for maintenance.

retain members by having well-maintained facilities and equipment.



Do you...

manage multiple sites leased to clubs or community groups (e.g. Councils or government agencies)?

have affiliated clubs or groups that manage assets (e.g. peak bodies or universities)?

have limited systems in place to monitor lease conditions between yourself and volunteer associations (e.g. sports clubs), and to ensure that these conditions are met?

encounter huge expenses when lessees fail to meet their maintenance obligations and facilities fall into disrepair?

If Yes,

assetTRAC can help you to:

save money by avoiding unnecessary and expensive repairs to your assets.

gain complete visibility of the asset maintenance work being completed by lessees.

save time and money by reducing the frequency of inspections of leased community assets.

Monitor lessees’ compliance with maintenance obligations, potentially avoiding expensive legal fees.

identify groups that may be struggling with their maintenance activities and to provide targeted assistance and support as required.