Councils and other local authorities are charged with a crucial task of managing a large portfolio of assets, spread across different locations. Managing these assets manually requires considerable time and effort and it is susceptible to human errors. Moreover, a manual process often fails to provide Councils with a clear and complete picture of their assets. Due to these limitations, Councils are readily shifting to asset tracking software to expedite and simplify the tedious task of asset management.

Asset management software eliminates time-consuming and error-prone methods of asset management, allowing for more efficient and streamlined management of assets.

If your Council still relies on a manual process for asset management, the following points explain how you can benefit from asset tracking software and why it is worthwhile to shift to software for asset tracking and management.

Efficient scheduling of preventative maintenance
With a large number of assets to manage, it can be difficult for Councils to manually keep track of the condition of their entire asset portfolio, so they can sometimes overlook preventative maintenance of assets.

Asset tracking software can help Councils to efficiently monitor the condition of their assets and schedule preventative maintenance. Automatic reminders ensure timely maintenance, even if Councils are not actively monitoring their maintenance schedule. This helps avoid unnecessary repair and replacement expenses and leads to a longer life span of assets.

Easy identification of ghost assets
Ghost assets are those that are recorded in a Council’s asset register but which are physically unavailable because they are either missing or unusable. Ghost assets can take a toll on the performance and productivity of Councils.

Asset monitoring and tracking software allows for real-time tracking of assets, thereby making it easier for Councils to identify and eliminate ghost assets.

Forecast spending and budget
There is no denying the fact that data-driven insights can help in well-informed decision making, which can further improve the performance of any business.

Asset tracking software provides a complete history of an asset – from acquisition to the end of its useful life. This creates the basis for an accurate evaluation when acquiring future assets. It can also help Councils with the structuring of future spending and budgets.

Efficient tracking of leased assets
Councils often lose visibility of assets once they are leased to local community groups. This is because once the assets are leased, they are recorded on a separate register or a spreadsheet. There is therefore often no way for Councils to know if their leased assets continue to receive the required maintenance.

Asset tracking software enables real-time tracking of assets, making it easier for Councils to monitor the status and maintenance schedule of assets regardless of their location, even if they are leased to a third party, like a sports club or community organisation.

Efficient asset tracking and maintenance can make a big difference in Councils’ productivity. Additionally, it can help Councils save time and effort that are otherwise required for manually tracking and managing the assets.

assetTRAC is smart and easy asset tracking software that can provide Councils with a complete view of their assets, thereby facilitating asset management, consequently reducing costs and improving efficiency.