Councils often lease their assets to Sports Clubs and communities and once leased, these assets are hard to track by Councils, especially using a manual asset management process. Council officers need to perform periodic on-site inspections to get updates on the status of asset maintenance jobs performed by their lessees (e.g. sports clubs). A manual asset management process is time-consuming and requires Councils to update their system in isolation from lessees.

Due to these inefficiencies, there has been a big switch from paper-based asset management systems to asset management software.

The best asset management software– integrated with complete asset tracking and maintenance tools – automates and accelerates the asset management process. Councils and their lessees can have clear visibility of their assets– from procurement to disposal.

How can assetTRAC benefit Councils by having their lessees keep track of asset maintenance
assetTRAC is smart and easy asset management software designed for Councils and sports clubs.
Integrated with advanced asset management tools, assetTRAC enables Councils to view the asset registers of sports clubs under their subscription and stay up-to-date about all upcoming, completed, and overdue maintenance activities and reports. This saves Council officers from needing to perform regular on-site inspections while saving their time, cost, and effort. Similarly, sports clubs can benefit from automating their tracking of everything related to asset management – from preventative maintenance to workload distribution to maintenance reporting.

assetTRAC provides different levels of login – for Councils and sports clubs. To automate asset tracking and management, Councils simply bring sports clubs onto their assetTRAC platform. Once Councils have added clubs to the platform, the clubs can further create their asset register, populating it with necessary details. They can leverage assetTRAC asset tracking software to keep tabs on their assets, schedule asset maintenance, assign maintenance jobs to field employees or volunteers and analyse real-time maintenance reports for timely and well-informed decision-making.

Benefits of assetTRAC for both Councils and sports clubs include the following:

—> Complete visibility of assets
Councils and sports clubs can have a clear picture of where their assets are in their lifecycle. Real-time information on the condition of assets helps make better decisions about assets.

—> Reduced repair and replacement costs
With scheduled preventative maintenance, sports clubs can keep their assets in good condition. This mitigates the need for unexpected asset repair or replacement, thereby reducing the costs incurred.

—> Improved efficiency
With timely maintenance, sports clubs can minimise downtime of their assets and improve overall productivity. Furthermore, as asset management software saves time and effort for sports club volunteers, they can focus on other important tasks that can fuel their growth.

Take away
If you are a Council or a sports club charged with the management of assets, count on assetTRAC to automate your asset management process. assetTRAC, the best asset management software, can be easily integrated into Councils or Clubs of any size, and its user-friendly interface eliminates the need for training staff and volunteers.
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