Asset management software can be highly beneficial for business growth. A well-designed asset management system can alleviate the total cost of acquiring, operating, and maintaining assets. Moreover, it automates and simplifies all types of asset management tasks – from tracking assets to scheduling preventative maintenance tasks to reporting – thereby reducing the time and effort required on the part of organisations.

What is assetTRAC?

assetTRAC is smart and easy asset management software designed for automated, quick, and hassle-free asset management for sports clubs, non-profit organisations, and Councils. assetTRAC can help:

–> Track assets
–> Schedule preventative maintenance tasks
–> Distribute asset management jobs among staff or volunteers
–> Automatically remind volunteers and staff when maintenance is due
–> Comply with lease obligations
–> Generate maintenance reports

Why assetTRAC?
assetTRAC was designed with the aim to simplify asset tracking and maintenance to enable organisations to focus on their core operations and enhance their productivity. As smart and easy asset management software, assetTRAC offers the following four compelling reasons why it is worth integrating it into any organisation for efficient asset management.

–> Affordable
Unlike the major asset management systems on the market, assetTRAC serves as a cost-efficient solution for asset management, with advanced features included in the system. assetTRAC can be easily integrated into organisations of any type or size, without the need to invest a large amount of money. It is free to register for a trial and organisations need not pay for or download any software to use assetTRAC.

–> Improved asset maintenance
assetTRAC includes pre-populated, customised suggestions for the categories of maintenance that should be programmed for different asset categories, and even lists maintenance tasks that should be considered. Additionally, it offers automatic reminders that ensure timely maintenance of assets, even if organisations are not actively monitoring their maintenance schedule.

–> User-friendly
Some asset management software available in Australia may not be appropriate for use by not-for-profit groups, due to their cost and complexity. assetTRAC was developed by not-for-profit governance experts with decades of experience working with clubs, associations and local Councils on facility and asset management projects. The system is therefore simple to use and provides exactly the level of reporting required by these groups to meet lease obligations, to get the best value out of their assets and to save money by eliminating the need to replace lost or stolen assets or perform unnecessary repairs.

–> Improved productivity
assetTRAC simplifies asset management tasks, thus saving sufficient time and effort of an organisation’s staff or volunteers. It generates automated maintenance reports, helping organisations to make well-informed decisions about the performance of their assets. Furthermore, preventative maintenance saves time in the long run, which means that officers in organisations can spend more time on other important tasks, thereby leading to increased productivity and not-for-profit business outcomes.

How to integrate assetTRAC into your organisation
The integration of assetTRAC into any organisation is quick and easy. You simply need to register for assetTRAC, assign your volunteers and staff, add your assets, and assetTRAC will automate asset tracking and management for you.

Embrace assetTRAC to enjoy the benefits of efficient asset management software and improve the triple bottom line of your not-for-profit businesses.