If your organisation is charged with managing asset portfolios, you may have to track and report on various assets across different departments. This requires a lot of time and effort, especially if your organisation relies on a manual asset management process. This is the reason why organisations are shifting from manual asset management processes to asset management software.

However, not all asset management software is the same. You need to select the right software to enjoy the benefits of automating asset tracking and maintenance. The following are the essential features that you should look for in asset management software.

Maintenance planning
Asset management software integrated with a robust asset management module provides comprehensive tools to effectively track and manage assets. These tools can include maintenance planning, job assignment, and an option for field employees or volunteers to update the status of maintenance jobs.

Lifecycle management
Full lifecycle management provides a clear picture of your assets at every stage, thereby enabling timely and well-informed decision making. Your asset management software should be integrated with tools that enable you to track your assets throughout their lifecycle – from procurement to disposal.

Real-time tracking
Asset tracking is an important component of asset management. Real-time tracking of assets helps organisations to make timely decisions and prevent unnecessary repair and replacement cost. The best asset tracking software enables real-time tracking of assets so that you can stay on top of the location and condition of your assets.

In-depth reporting
In-depth reporting provides insights necessary for making informed decisions about assets – from usage and maintenance to procurement and disposal. Smart and easy asset management systems enable real-time, comprehensive reporting that provides in-depth insights into assets and helps organisations make well-informed decisions.

Seamless workload distribution
You may have to often assign asset maintenance jobs to your field employees or volunteers. Manual distribution of jobs can be challenging and time-consuming. Your asset maintenance software should enable seamless distribution of jobs among your field employees or volunteers, saving your time and effort.

User-friendly interface
A user-friendly asset management system can save considerable time and training needs for your staff. Look for asset management software with features like an intuitive dashboard and a self-explanatory interface. These features will make it easier for your staff to navigate through the software and to perform the desired maintenance activities easily.

Mobile compatibility
Mobility is important for field employees and volunteers. Your asset management software should offer mobile compatibility so that your field employees can use the software even on the go and provide real-time updates on asset management jobs performed by them.

Your assets are important for your organisation. From deployment to maintenance and repair, asset management involves a high level of complexity. However, choosing the best asset management software enables easy asset management.

assetTRAC is smart and easy asset management software integrated with advanced features for real-time tracking and management of assets. Additionally, assetTRAC streamlines workload distribution and provides complete reporting solutions, enabling timely and well-informed decision making.

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How can asset management software help in workload distribution?

Asset management software can automate and share asset maintenance jobs to fairly distribute the workload among field employees and volunteers.

Can asset management software help my organisation save asset management costs?

Yes. Efficient asset management software provides you with a clear picture of the location and condition of your assets throughout their lifecycle. This helps you make well-informed and timely decisions about your assets, thereby preventing unnecessary asset repair and replacement costs, improving asset efficiency, and saving your time, effort, and money.

Do I need to make a big investment to integrate asset management software into my organisation?

No. If you choose assetTRAC as your smart and easy asset management system, you can easily and affordably integrate it into your organisation. Simply register for assetTRAC and you can start using it right away.You don’t even need to provide training to your staff as assetTRAC’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and use. Sign up for a 30-day free trial to see how assetTRAC can help your organisation with efficient and affordable asset management.