Every level of organisation, from a community sports club to local Council, has a lot to gain from investing in asset management software. Efficient software can automate and simplify asset management for sports clubs, providing a comprehensive solution that not only minimises the workload but does so without amplifying the cost. And by using the same asset management software system as their leaseholders, Councils can gain an overview of the assets they have leased, ensuring maintenance is completed as per lease obligations and facilities remain in good condition and fit for purpose.

Here are four reasons for sports clubs and Councils to invest in asset management software.

Keep tabs on assets

Asset management software offers total reporting and control over your assets. Having a complete record of your assets, including the location and who is currently in possession of each asset, helps reduce lost and stolen goods. A maintenance schedule ensures regular facility inspections and preventative maintenance are conducted to keep assets at a consistently high standard.

If facilities are not properly maintained, their deterioration can lead to:

–> Accidents and injuries
–> Damage to an organisation’s reputation, leading to a loss of members
–> Increase in complaints
–> Poor aesthetics of a facility

Efficient work management

An automated asset management solution helps to program a maintenance schedule by assigning the required tasks and sending automated maintenance reminders. By providing an equitable workload distribution, it’s more likely volunteers in clubs will be able to complete their assigned tasks on time.

Compliance with lease obligations

Most sporting groups in Australia lease their facilities from their local Council. Where clubs fail to meet their lease compliance obligations, the relationship between the lessee and the lessor can deteriorate and negatively impact the club’s ability to gain funding.

Reliable asset management software that is suited for use by clubs, as well as by Councils that lease their facilities to various sporting groups in Australia, should provide an Enterprise level subscription. Each Enterprise user’s dashboard should offer instant insights into the total number of assets owned by their lessees, their respective value and the combined expenditure on asset maintenance. It should also allow the lessor to remotely track maintenance work being completed by lessees and identify any struggling groups that need support.

Cost management

Inadequate care and poor maintenance can result in damaged equipment and lead to the need for unnecessary and expensive early asset replacement. Automated sports asset management software can help to extend the life of assets and provide instant insights into how much a sports club or Council should budget for asset management and eventual replacement.

Investing in the right asset management software for sports clubs helps maintain the sporting spirit of communities by alleviating the burden on a small group of volunteers and equitably sharing asset management workloads. Ultimately, it empowers every sports organisation to do what they do best; run sport in our communities.